The Basics

Check FogBugz Api Version

Version, miniversion, and API endpoint.  

Check API Version


Successful Response


The minversion field is used to warn you if the current version of the API is not backwards compatible. For example, if this version is 3, and it is backwards compatible with clients written for version 2 but not backwards compatible with version 1, you’ll see:


We recommend that before you begin, you use the API to get the API version. Hard code the API version in your script. Have your script check the current version against your hard-coded version every time it runs, and throw an error if the current API version or miniversion is higher than the version you’ve got hard coded. This will mean that there are breaking changes that you’ll want to look into.

API clients must check minversion and make sure it’s less than or equal to the version that was current when they were written.