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Last updated: October 8, 2018 at 3:38 am

We’ve launched a major upgrade to FogBugz On Demand! FogBugz Ocelot is our fastest, most powerful version of FogBugz yet.

All new FogBugz On Demand accounts have this upgrade applied, older On Demand accounts can choose to enable Ocelot from the Gear menu. Note that this upgrade does not apply to FogBugz For Your Server.

All plugins released by Fog Creek are being integrated into the application for better performance. As core features, they are no longer configured via -> Plugins. See the section “What Changed?” below for where to find them. Some third-party plugins have been integrated, others are coming soon and some are not compatible with the upgrade. You can find the status of all plugins here: Where Did Plugins Go?

The purpose of this page is to keep you apprised of the status of features that are not present in the new UI. It’s updated regularly, along with release notes and all network notices on our Status Blog. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Am I using it now?

That’s a great question! You can find out whether or not you are currently using FogBugz Ocelot by checking your FogBugz On Demand URL or by enabling it – see further detail about this.

What Changed?

FogBugz Ocelot has moved some formerly plugin-provided features to new locations in FogBugz where they are fully-integrated. The following features are now available in the Admin () drop-down menu:

  • Custom Fields
  • Webhooks (formerly URL Trigger)
  • Email All Users

Some former plugins written by Fog Creek and third-parties are now integrated and always enabled:

  • Case Event Edit
  • Code Snippets
  • Notify
  • Perforce DTG Integration
  • Wiki Article Table of Contents
  • Wiki Comments
  • Project Backlog (now known as Iteration Planner, available with Time Tracking module)
  • Case Event Merge
    (plugin by Quarantainenet BV, now built-in)
  • Kanban Board (required Time Tracking subscription)
  • …many more! See the full list here

Some former plugins by Fog Creek as well as third-parties are available to be turned on under -> Extra Features:

  • Community Case List
    (plugin by Sirius Technologies AG)
  • FogBugz Time Sheet
  • Clark Kent
    (plugin by TrueCool)
  • FogBugz News Network (FNN)
    (plugin by John Fuex)

Others are coming soon. Check out the status of them on this page.

Supported browsers

Please see our browser requirements.

Work In Progress

Some features are not yet ready for the new UI. As the roll-out of this upgrade progresses, there are a few features that we are still re-implementing. These are coming soon:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Note that some are implemented but not all. See the documentation here
  • Searching discussion groups from the main search box
  • Searching for cases that are unread by you with color:blue or show:unread (as well as cases with no new changes since you last viewed them, color:purple or show:read)
  • The search axis tagrange: is not available
  • The “Title with Event” column is not available in the case list
  • The “Last Viewed By Me” column is not available in the case list

You can work around these limitations by switching the Upgrade off temporarily on the Options page under your avatar menu in the top-right.

Known Issues

We are currently working on addressing the following known issues in the FogBugz Ocelot case and list interfaces. If these hinder your work, please switch back to the old interface via the Options item in your avatar drop-down menu.

  • If you search for viewedby:me, show:subscribed or starredby:me or you order results with orderby:viewed, no wiki results will be shown, but there is no error displayed

Detailed Release Notes

FogBugz On Demand is changing fast! You can keep up with it by watching for release notes here. As always, we also post all changes and problems with our On Demand infrastructure for FogBugz and Kiln on our Status Blog.

Get Help

Search for answers to your questions in the FogBugz Help Site.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have questions or feedback on the new interface? Contact Us.