About Extras and Add-Ons

The Manuscript API (which is backwards compatible with the FogBugz XML API) allows any web-enabled application to communicate with a Manuscript site. Using the API, you can programatically do just about anything that can be done using the Manuscript web interface. You can perform case operations (open, edit, assign, resolve, etc.), retrieve filtered case lists, get user timesheet data, and more.

This page lists all of the offerings from Fog Creek Software and third-party vendors that use the Manuscript API. If you don’t see the tool you need, you can also build your own using the API documentation.

If you run FogBugz For Your Server on your own server, you can also extend FogBugz and integrate it with other systems using Plugins.

We make no warranty with respect to the operation of any third-party software listed here. If you have positive or negative feedback about any of these products, please do let us know!


zapier  The Manuscript Service on Zapier lets you automate tasks between Manuscript and more than 200 other online services.

aha  Manuscript Integration with Aha! Connect Aha! with Manuscript to send features to the engineering team and automatically get status changes back as they implement them.

kore  Work simply. The Manuscript bot in Kore alerts you when a case is created, assigned, updated or when milestones are set. The Kiln bot in Kore alerts you when a commit is made to the Git or Mercurial repository integrated within Kiln.

Jell Daily Standups with Jell. The Jell Manuscript integration enables you to add Manuscript cases in your Jell daily standup. Your team will be able to search all Manuscript cases from within Jell.

IDE Tools

VisualStudioLogo FogBugz for Visual Studio (by Fog Creek Software) lets you browse your cases from inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

eclipse_small Foglyn is an Eclipse plugin that works with the Mylyn task-focused interface. It allows you work with your Manuscript cases from within Mylyn.

eclipse_small EclipseBugz is an open-source Eclipse plugin for Manuscript that allows you to view your Manuscript cases from within Eclipse.

Screen Capture

fogcreeklogo The FogBugz Screenshot Tool (by Fog Creek Software) captures screenshots and attaches them to Manuscript cases.

SnapABug SnapABug is a visual customer support tool that works great with Manuscript. It allows your website’s users to easily submit a screenshot of a bug.

screen-capture TechSmith SnagIt, an advanced screenshot solution, also has excellent Manuscript Integration.

bugshooting Bug Shooting allows screenshots to be sent to Skype or your email application of choice.

usersnap Usersnap is SaaS visual bug tracking; cases submitted will contain a screenshot of your user’s view of your app, as well as meta information like screen resolution, browser version, current URL, and more. No Manuscript plugin installation needed.

Automatic Crash Reports

fogcreeklogo BugzScout aggregates all instances of each type of error in your application into Manuscript cases.

raygun-emblem Raygun tracks error and crash reports in your software. Connect it with Manuscript to attach error data from those crashes to your Manuscript cases.

Contextual Bug Reporting

bugdigger-logo-40x40 BugDigger helps you report web site issues more efficiently by automatically attaching screenshots, page URL’s and other contextual data to your Manuscript cases.

bug-reporter-icon The Bug Reporter submits automatic crash reports from your Unity3d project to Manuscript. It also allows developers and testers to open bug reports with screenshots and other contextual information.

 Instabug is the easiest ways for your mobile users and beta testers to report bugs and send feedback about your mobile app directly from their devices. All they have to do is to SHAKE their device then we capture a screenshot with all device details!

Mobile Clients


Okarito Okarito With Okarito, you have the power of Manuscript on your iPhone.

Logo180 iFogbugz Track and update your cases on the move. Clean and simple interaction on your iPhone/iPod.



cowboy Mobile FogBugz allows you to manage Manuscript on Android.

droidbugz DroidBugz makes it possible to view, sort, filter, search, and edit Manuscript cases directly from your Android device.

Okarito Okarito With Okarito, you have the power of Manuscript on your Android-powered device.

FogVault FogVault is a developer centric client app for the Manuscript issue and bug tracking system.

  Bugzy is a free and open source Manuscript client for Android. You can also find the source code on GitHub.



bugtracking-anywhere bugtracking anywhere for fogbugz brings the power of Manuscript to your Windows Phone!

Email Integration

email-extra MAnuscript can create cases from emails sent to a special mailbox, either directly from your customers or from you. (If you have Gmail or Google Apps, creating a case is as easy as forwarding to your cases@{domain}.manuscript.com email address. It will intelligently let you follow up from Manuscript with the person who sent you the email.)

FogOutlook FogOutlook is an open source add-in for Outlook 2010, supporting both x86 and 64-bit architectures. It integrates Manuscript into Outlook, and allows the creation of new support tasks either from an existing email (including attachments) or from scratch.

Desktop Clients

tickets Tickets by Irradiated Software allows Mac OS X users to manage Manuscript cases on the desktop. Tickets features rich integration with the Mac including Spotlight and QuickLook support.

fogbugz-cli-icon FogBugz Command Line Client is a CLI that lets you manage your Manuscript cases from the command line.

fogbugz-php-cli-icon FogBugz PHP Command Line Client provides case listing, viewing and management from the command line. Leave notes, resolve cases, and manage your current working on status without leaving the terminal.

alfred-for-fogbugz Alfred Extension for FogBugz facilitates common Manuscript interactions (e.g. list cases, work on cases, stop work, etc.) from Alfred.

bee-40 Bee by Neat.io is a Mac client for Manuscript, JIRA and GitHub. Bee helps you decide what to work on next, and keeps you up-to-date with the rest of your team via Notification Center.

fb_notifier FogBugz Notificator is an open-source Windows desktop app that keeps users up-to-date with new cases assigned via notifications.

Time Tracking

fogbugzpm Project Dashboard for FogBugz allows project managers and tech leads to quickly find out the status of a project and if it’s on track to meet the deadline.

defaultlogoCaseTracker is an open-source Windows tool for time tracking. It allows you to easily set your work status, and includes advanced features such as “Auto-Away.”

timesprite Timesprite allows users to set and retrieve Manuscript time tracking data and view reports on time allocation.

work WorkingOn for FogBugz is a small Windows system tray application allowing users to start and stop their Manuscript “Working On” timer.

Test Management

PractiTest PractiTest is an easy-to-use test management solution, and it’s integration with Manuscript allow users to manage all their testing information from various sources in one central place.

testuff-logo-small Testuff is an on-demand service for managing and executing manual software tests.

testrail TestRail is a test case management tool for QA and development teams that integrates well with Manuscript.

testlodge TestLodge integrates with Manuscript allowing you to manage your test plans, test cases and test runs with ease.

testcollab TestCollab is a test case management tool which allows users to integrate their test cases and projects with Manuscript.

Continuous Integration & Build Servers

buildmaster BuildMaster FogBugz Extension provides standard BuildMaster operations of changing issue statuses, appending issue descriptions, and closing issues in Manuscript using the Manuscript API.

Web Publishing/Blogging

sixapart MT Fogger allows you to query and display Manuscript data within Movable Type templates.


gear-icon Mantibugz: Import your Mantis database into Manuscript.

gear-icon Bugzilla: Import your Bugzilla database into Manuscript

bb2fb BitBucket to FogBugz: Import issues from BitBucket into Manuscript.

Developer Tools

gear-icon Foghub allows you to create code review cases in Manuscript from GIT.

gear-icon GoFogBugz is a Go library for automating crash reports to Manuscript using theBugzScout API.

 Instabug is the easiest ways for your mobile users and beta testers to report bugs and send feedback about your mobile app directly from their devices. All they have to do is to SHAKE their device then we capture a screenshot with all device details!

XML API Wrappers

gear-icon Python sample API code and Python API class libraries will get you up and running with the XML API in Python.

gear-icon FogLampz is a .NET wrapper, written in C#, for the FogBugz XML API.

gear-icon Ruby-FogBugz is an MIT-licensed Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz XML API.

gear-icon FogBugz PHP API is a php wrapper for the XML API that provides authentication and access to the complete api.

Other Tools

Manuscript also has many built in features that allow you to integrate it with third party tools, including RSS feeds, email integration, and BugzScout automated crash reports to integrate Manuscript into your office.