Wait, where am I?

This is the new Help Desk and Knowledge Base for FogBugz and Kiln!

What happened to the FogBugz and Kiln Stack Exchanges?

Our support communities on the stackexchange.com sites served us well for the last few years, but they were being hosted on an extremely old version of the stackexchange web server (the original version 1.0, in fact!). The Stack Exchange team decided that it was time to decommission all of these old servers and let us know we would have to move to a new site by the end of the summer (2013). We were disappointed by the news, but also excited for the opportunity to revamp our support site and make it easier for our users to quickly find answers!

While this new site was born out of necessity and may be a bit rough around the edges at first, we will continue expanding the content and making it easier to navigate. If you have any feedback, feel free to drop us a line!

I just clicked a link to a Stack Exchange article, where did it go?

Unfortunately, if you arrived directly on this page then it means that the article you clicked doesn’t have a copy in our new Knowledge Base. Don’t panic though! This site is getting new content all the time and the answers you need might be just a search away. Go ahead and start typing in the search bar above.

If you think an article was overlooked and should be in this new Knowledge Base then go ahead and send us an email and let us know!

Where is the list of feature requests? Can I still submit my ideas?

Our priority during this transition is to get all of the help content moved over, so we haven’t handled the list of feature requests from the stackexchange sites yet. We are currently looking into the best way to continue receiving and evaluating user feedback in the form of feature requests. Once we have determined what this method will be, we should be able to get started and immediately integrate the list of feature requests and votes from the old stackexchange sites! Until then, please email us your requests.