Note: After releasing version 8.9.141 to 20% of accounts earlier today, a problem was found with using the newest stable release of Google Chrome (v36.0.1985.125) to access FogBugz. We quickly replaced that version with 8.9.143, which solves the problem with Chrome 36.

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented loading the case list in FogBugz On Demand 8.9.141 and earlier when using Google Chrome 36.0.1985.125
  • For most accounts, these changes from version 8.9.141 are also newly added:
    • Fixed a potential Flash XSRF vulnerability
    • When you sort a filter by a drop-down, boolean or person-type custom field, the results now group by value like they do for fields like Milestone
    • FogBugz will now warn when you try to notify yourself of a case edit
    • Sub- and parent-case links are no longer hidden in the left sidebar when closing a case
    • Fixed a crash when accessing a FogBugz On Demand site with uppercase characters in the hostname e.g. instead of
    • Improved the case page poller (which tells you when a case you’re viewing has updates) so that it only runs on browser tabs which are in focus