Using FogBugz On Demand? We've recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. Please see this article for details on what's new, what's changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

What is Fogbugz Ocelot?

FogBugz Ocelot is a new version of FogBugz that includes an updated user interface and a significant performance upgrade. You can read more about it here.

Am I using FogBugz Ocelot?

Ocelot is not available for FogBugz For Your Server. If you are using FogBugz On Site, our new licensed product, you are using Ocelot. If you are using FogBugz On Demand (our cloud based service) you can determine whether you’re using Ocelot by following the directions below.

It’s fairly easy and quick to check by URL. Simply take a quick look at your FogBugz URL:
FogBugz Ocelot Enabled:

FogBugz Ocelot Not Enabled:

Enable FogBugz Ocelot

If you are using On Demand, but have yet to move to FogBugz Ocelot, a site administrator can enable FogBugz Ocelot via the Advanced tab of Site Configuration under the Gear menu, shown below:

Click the ‘Enable’ link, then select ‘Yes’ to confirm your choice. If you don’t see the Enable FogBugz Ocelot option, you may already have FogBugz Ocelot enabled for your site. Some sites will have a switcher enabled that allows FogBugz Ocelot to be enabled or disabled on a per-user basis. This switcher can be found under [Your avatar] -> Options -> Legacy Settings.
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 2.04.11 PM

Note that FogBugz Ocelot replaces plugins with native features. Most plugins have been migrated, but you should check the status of the plugins you use before enabling.