Got a minute? This is FogBugz

Add cases, fast

FogBugz gets out of your way so you can get what’s in your brain—bugs? features? it doesn’t matter—into FogBugz as fast as possible. There’s an “Add Case” option right in the grid view, letting you quickly outline projects and even add subcases.

The full case view lets you fill in all of the details about the case.


Group cases into projects, view them with filters

FogBugz admins can add as many projects as you need to organize cases. Use filters to drill down into the cases within a project. The great thing about filters is that you can set them up any way you want, pivoting on cases in a way that makes sense for a particular project (or across all projects).


Pro tip: you can even use filters to set up reports based on FogBugz data.

Code commits directly in cases

What’s the big deal about being able to see commit messages directly within cases? Context. When a changeset from Kiln shows up directly within a FogBugz case, you are much closer to knowing when that fix will be visible to customers.


Questions? Ask us

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a human when you’re getting started to figure out what the product is all about. We want to talk to you about FogBugz and help you jump over any hurdles you may have. Contact us to begin the conversation.