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FogBugz limits the number of emails it sends, including both notifications and outgoing email generated by responses to correspondents on cases, to prevent abuse and keep your inbox from overflowing.

Site-Wide Outbound Limit

FogBugz On Demand and FogBugz On Site will not send more than 10,000 emails in one 24-hour period.

For FogBugz On Demand accounts that have not been verfied by added a credit card (including free trials and accounts on free plans), the number of permitted outbound emails per day is extremely limited. You can remove this limit and verify your account by adding a credit card, which will not be charged if you are on a free plan or while you are in your free trial period. If you wish to verify your account via another method, please contact us.

FogBugz For Your Server does not have any built-in site-wide outbound limits.

Per-User Notification Email Limit

The following limits are per-FogBugz user, not per email address. So if you have a virtual user called “Support Queue” and it is set to the same email address as your user, the two have their own notifications counters in FogBugz.

FogBugz 8.0.33 and later:

  • 2,000 notifications of case edits and assignments
  • 200 notifications of emails from correspondence arriving in cases

Older versions:

  • 200 notifications of any type of edit