Looking to migrate or import from Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Git in Kiln On Demand?

What You’ll Need

What’s Next

  1. Create yourself a working folder or directory for the converted repository, then change into that folder or directory
  2. Convert the repository following the instructions for git-tfs or git-tf
    1. git-tfs
      1. $ git tfs clone <some_tfs_url_for_your_project>
    2. git-tf
      1. $ git tf clone <some_tfs_url_for_your_project>
  3. Create a new repository in your Kiln On Demand account
  4. Push your newly converted Git repository directly to Kiln
    1. $ git push <your_kiln_on_demand_repository>
  5. Now you and your colleagues and push, pull, fetch, and clone from the Git repository in Kiln