I have a repository with lots of changesets, and I get an error when I push it to Kiln (using hg push). What should I do?

First: don’t worry! Kiln (and Mercurial) can handle extremely large repositories. Second, if you haven’t already, download and install the Kiln Client Tools, from the Resources menu in Kiln. Included in the Client Tools is a Mercurial extension called BigPush, which streamlines the transfer of large repositories to Kiln (BigPush is also available without the Client Tools, through the same menu). Simply add the --chunked option when you push from Mercurial. So if you would normally type

$ hg push https://your.kilnhg.com/Project/Group/Repo

just type

$ hg push --chunked https://your.kilnhg.com/Project/Group/Repo