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The time-tracking features in FogBugz were designed specifically to feed data into EBS so that it can give you accurate predictions of when your project will ship. Out of the box, there aren’t any built-in reports on the time intervals you enter. If you use FogBugz to track contract-based work for clients, or otherwise have need for timesheet details, you can enable one of these third-party solutions via the Extra Features page in FogBugz On Demand.

Note: This page covers FogBugz On Demand. If you run FogBugz on your own server, these features are provided by plugins which you can download from the gallery. The For Your Server version of FogBugz Time Sheet is called FogBugzTimeSheetPlugin.

FogBugz Time Sheet

The optional FogBugz Time Sheet reports feature provides two reports of case data over a specified time period. To view the report, go to Timesheet Report.

  • Hours spent per person per project
  • Case comments and edits

The TimeSheet Report now also allows you to export your timesheet results to CSV (FogBugz On Demand only)!

FogBugz On Demand administrators can enable it under  Extra Features. FogBugz For Your Server customers can download the feature from the plugin gallery and install it under Admin Plugins in FogBugz.

Clark Kent

The optional Clark Kent report shows you all time intervals for one project entered by a given user during a specified time period. You can also list all intervals for all users and/or all projects. The list is exportable as a CSV file by clicking “CSV Download” link. To view the report, go to Clark Kent.

clark kent screenshot

FogBugz On Demand users can enable it under Extra Features. FogBugz For Your Server customers can download the feature from the plugin gallery and install it under Admin Plugins in FogBugz.

This Extra Feature is provided by Inc. You can get help using it by emailing