General Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Bug where certain bulk¬†edits including closed cases would erase fields
  • Fix double encoding issue when using the “Duplicate of” field

Beta Changes:

  • Case hover: fix bug in displaying “last commenter”
  • Cosmetic changes for Attachments, IE10, Case editing page.
  • Custom fields are no longer editable when editing a closed case (as they were before the beta)
  • Fix bug where old spam could get stuck in a filter
  • Fix bug in HTML escaping with ampersands
  • Show up-to-date estimate and subcase information after editing a case
  • Remove “Favorite” from list of sorts
  • Fix the display of the “Last Occurrence” field for old BugzScout cases
  • Cleaned up the permalinks generated for the list page
  • Always show “Duplicate of” if a duplicate is set