FogBugz 8.8.41 Release Notes:

  • When replying, use the received subject for the reply’s subject
  • Update password hashes for old accounts
  • German translation fix
  • Fix error when plugins called UrlAsFormFields
  • Fix errors when plugins stored attachments
  • Properly link text of the form “subcase #” in event descriptions
  • Performance tweaks for FBOD infrastructure

Plugin Updates:

  • Original Opener v 1.0.5
    • Format original opener properly when exporting to CSV
  • Intro Case v 1.3.0
    • Don’t create intro cases that users can’t see
  • Balsamiq Mockups v 2.1.19
    • Fixes an issue where mockups could not be viewed on Wiki pages.
  • Workflow for qTrace v
    • Balsamiq Mockups v 2.1.19