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If you’re moving FogBugz, all information FogBugz needs to run is contained in the FogBugz database. You should back this database up before any move.

When FogBugz runs, it checks the licenses on the current install to determine how many users can be logged onto the system. FogBugz license files have three components: the email address used to sign up, the order number, and the ID/name of the machine where the web site is hosted. Thus, when you move machines, or when you access a FogBugz database through a new web site (as in two load-balanced web servers accessing the same database), the license won’t match the machine ID. Fixing this is a simple matter.

  1. First, you’ll need your order number(s). Incredibly, some of our users do not have this number memorized, so we’ve made available a handy tool that will email you all order numbers we have on file for you. You can find that here
  2. Once you have your order number(s) in hand, for each one, go to Admin (Settings in FogBugz 6) -> Licenses and enter the email address and order number. This will grab the machine ID, generate a new license, and install it on your server. Bam! You’re done!

If your FogBugz server cannot talk to the internet to reach our server, contact us and we can issue the licenses manually. We will need the machine ID and computer name you see when you go to your licenses page in FogBugz and click the link next to “If this computer is not connected to the public Internet.”

If at any point, you get a message saying that the license cannot be installed because it is locked, and that you should contact us, do so. This is a simple security measure and we can unlock the license in a matter of seconds. You just need to send us the order number and ask us to unlock it.

If nothing like that happens, you should be good to go.

Still there? Oh, okay, well, sometimes just installing the licenses isn’t enough. If you’re still having difficulty, you can go to this page and click the link to delete all licenses.

http://[Your FogBugz Install]/diagnostics.asp?sStep=testlicenseinfo

Then, reinstall the licenses and it should work. If it’s not working or if you run into any more difficulties, let us know.

See also Installing Additional Licenses.