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FogBugz On Demand and On Site

FogBugz Ocelot makes it easy for you to export cases to excel. Choose a filter or conduct a search and choose the columns you need. Then, in the gray filter bar click More –> Export to Excel.



Note: as of FogBugz 8.19.397, only the cases shown in the list will be exported. If your search or filter has more than 200 cases, FogBugz defaults to showing only the first 200. When you click on the More menu, if you see “Export X of Y Cases to Excel”, you will need to click Load More at the bottom of the case list. When you have all cases showing, the export menu item will change to Export to Excel as above

For Your Server

FogBugz 7 and later has an Excel export functionality straight out of the grid view.

For older versions, there’s an excellent blog post about using the API and Excel 2007’s data import functionality here.