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You can’t stay logged in to FogBugz. You log in, as soon as you click on something you are prompted to log in again.


There are two areas where the problem may be occurring: either client side cookie handling, or database permissions. FogBugz uses cookies to keep you logged in. The cookie in turn merely points to your session information stored in the database.


1. Cookie handling: Instruct your browser to accept cookies. This is the default setting in IE, so restoring IE to defaults should do this right off the bat. In IE there are various approaches:

View > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > select Accept

Or Privacy Tab > Edit (Web Sites) > add your FogBugz server to the Allow list

Also note that the way cookies work, URLs are considered case sensitive for the purpose of setting cookies. If you have logged onto, you will not be logged onto because the capitalization of FogBugz differs.

2. Database permissions (Licensed FogBugz problem only): The database login that FogBugz uses must be the db owner for the FogBugz database. If it isn’t, this problem will occur (or you will get an error message).

A recent problem where no POST variables are accepted by IIS can cause this too.  To check this, create a test.asp file with the following in it inside the FogBugz website directory:

<% Response.Write Request("foo") %>
<form method="POST">
<input type="text" name="foo" />
<input type="submit">

Load this page in a browser and type some text and hit submit.  If nothing appears, please see this MSFT KB article which describes problems with Windows Authentication.