This article outlines how to move Kiln to a different server. There is an extensive article on how to do the Fogbugz side of things here: Move fogbugz to another server. Here’s the equivalent for Kiln!

Note: If you are changing versions during the move, we highly recommends that you upgrade before you move. Alternatively, install the same version you’re using on the destination server, perform the migration, and upgrade afterward. This is because of changes that are external to the database.

Here’s how to move Kiln:

  1. Stop Kiln, Stop FogBugz which will include stopping the Kiln Storage Service, the Kiln Queue Service, Apache Tomcat  (for Kiln 2.7), and the FogBugz Maintenance Service on the old server.
    • After stopping the services, make sure that the following processes have all been terminated:
      • Kiln 2.7.x:
        • backend
        • memcached
        • redis-server
        • queueservice
        • tomcat6
      • Kiln 2.9.x:
        • backend
        • redis-server
        • redis-server
        • java
        • queueservice
      • FogBugz:
        • FogBugzMaint
  2. Move your KilnRepositories folder to the new server
  3. Follow these instructions to move FogBugz.
    1. Change these steps to run the Kiln installer on the new server instead of the FogBugz-only installer.
    2. Also detach and reattach the Kiln database when you move the FogBugz one. Don’t forget to Enable CLR integration if you are moving to a new SQL Server.

See also this post on moving just KilnRepositories, and this one on moving just the DB without moving the Kiln Server.