The Kiln API 1.0 provides read/write operations to some basic Kiln objects: projects, repository groups, repositories, reviews, and people permissions. Take a look at the Kiln Developers website for more details!

The API runs over HTTP and returns JSON objects. (Not XML, if you’re coming from the FogBugz platform.) We’re excited that the power of Mercurial features like hg log or hg diff will be one HTTP request away. And we hope to continue iterating on the API as we receive developer feedback, exposing more of Kiln’s functionality through it as time goes on.

Some examples of what you can do with the new API:

  • TA a class of 300 students, each with their set of collaborative repositories with custom permissions that could be set up with a script.
  • Find true love, then lose it.
  • Be notified from your iPhone when someone assigns a review to you.
  • Rename, move, branch, and manage repositories from the command prompt.

So, now you should be able to develop some basic applications based on Kiln from any programming language with an HTTP library, JSON parsing, and a good heart. We look forward to seeing what people do with it! (Good things, we hope.)


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