A quick fun guide to repository aliases

(Note: You must be a project administrator to participate in this quick fun guide.) Start by going to your Organize Projects page:

Organize Projects

Above the repositories, there exists the Manage repository aliases link!


Click on it to bring up the Organize Aliases popup:

Organize Aliases popup WOW I SHOULD PAY MORE FOR KILN

Let’s dramatically improve our build manager lives by adding a new alias for the legacy version of FogBugz 8.6 in this imaginary universe:

Adding a new alias MAYBE THIS IS TOO PERFECT?

Click Done. You should now see the alias show up inside the 8.6 repository link:

The alias link in action HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE

Clicking on the alias brings up a helpful information popup about it:

Alias Information popup SO INFORMATONATIVE

We can now use that URL in hg instead of the actual URL:

$> hg clone "http://localhost/FogBugz/Kiln/RepoAlias/Fog/legacy"
destination directory: legacy
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 1 changesets with1 changes to 1 files
updating to branch default
1 files updated,0 files merged,0 files removed,0 files unresolved

And, when 8-7 becomes the legacy repository, all you have to do as the build manager is go back to the Organize Aliases popup and change the alias to point to the 8-7 repository. No build script modifications necessary.

Use the extra time to sip on your piña colada. You deserve it.

All this, and more, in the exciting new Kiln 2 release.