For Kiln 1.2+

The Kiln Importer sometimes fails. When that happens, here’s how to find the log to see what might have gone wrong.

After running the importer, the log will be at

%TEMP%\KilnImportLog <date> <time>.log

For Kiln 1.1

You can do that by using the windows Run command and typing in:

\path\to\KilnImporter.exe "kiln:import?log=true"

If it crashes, please submit the crash report. There will be no log file in this case.

If it fails to log in, you can click cancel. Then the log file will be at “%TEMP%\KilnImportLog ” that you can send to us here at Fog Creek.

If it fails more seriously, without crashing, the location of the log file will be displayed in the importer, and can be copied if necessary.

Privacy note!
For older version of Kiln, the log includes usernames and passwords. Please replace your password with something generic before sending us your log files.