After installing the Kiln Client & Tools, you might notice some extensions enabled in your Mercurial.ini file. Here’s what they are, and what they do!

We bundle a number of Mercurial extensions with the Kiln Client in order to improve your Mercurial experience. Here’s a brief list:


Helps pushing of large repositories by adding the --chunked flag to hg push. Using --chunked helps avoid timeouts and other network issues.


Guards against case-insensitive file collisions in Windows.


hg fetch does a pull and update or pull, merge and commit, depending on which is necessary. It is closer to svn update and helps the transition from SVN to Hg.


This extension attempts to help new Mercurial users by providing
several commands to help learn how Mercurial works. The primary
command provided is “hg next”, which shows an overview of your
local repository, its relationship and status to its parent,
and what next actions you may wish to consider performing.


Improves support of large binary files in Mercurial by storing those files in a separate, centralized store on the server.


This extension knows how to capture Kiln authentication tokens when pushing
over HTTP. This means you only need to enter your login and password once;
after that, the FogBugz token will be stored in your home directory, allowing
pushing without a password.


This extension allows you to directly open up the Kiln page for your
repository, including the annotation, file view, outgoing, and other
pages. Additionally, it will attempt to guess which remote Kiln
repository you wish push to and pull from based on its related repositories.


Gently suggests using Kiln’s branch repositories instead of Mercurial’s named branches.