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Software migrations aren’t supposed to be easy…

…but we’ve never been a fan of arbitrary complexity. It’s in our best interests to make this process as painless as possible for you! We provide a variety of methods to import your data. These tools all exploit the FogBugz XML API to get your data into FogBugz. If you don’t see something here that fits your needs, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution!

Regardless of your previous tool or your method, our advice is always this: Don’t put yourself in a position of migrating too many chunks or with too many phases. Make a plan, prepare the environment, and pull the trigger. Today everyone is still using that home-brew bug tracker that has “grown organically” (much like a disease). Tomorrow at 8:00AM everyone will be using FogBugz.

Trac Importer

The Fogbugz Trac Importer will allow you to automate the process of completely migrating from Trac to FogBugz. In addition to your cases and their histories, you get your users and wikis.

Importing from Jira

Jira is another common tool which customers wish to import into FogBugz. Contact us for more information, and see the differences between FogBugz and JIRA.


Someone beat us to the punch, here: Martin Zardecki wrote this importer to get your data from Mantis into FogBugz in a hurry. Welcome to a community of brilliant, engaged, and productive users. Users who are Smart and Get Things Done.

Excel/CSV Importing

If all else fails and the best you can muster is to get your existing cases into a CSV file, then don’t despair. Several others of our enterprising users uncovered eldritch knowledge, long locked away in places that humanity fears to tread, which will cure your woe.

Importing from Other Tools

The FogBugz API is sufficiently powerful to use for exporting another bug tracker’s historical information into FogBugz. It has the advantage of not needing direct access to the database, so you can use FogBugz On Demand. If you’re thinking about doing this, we have friendly developers who can advise you on the process and who are very interested in what you’ve been using and how you’re moving forward. Shoot us an email and we’ll chat!