Kiln 2.9 and after

There are two way to add a changeset to an existing Code Review:

First, mention the code review number in your commit message. For example, hg commit -m "fix per review k123" where k123 is the Kiln Code Review number.

Alternatively, go to your Code Review and click the link Add/Remove Changesets..., then choose the changeset you need added to the review.


Kiln 2.7 and prior

Because a code review is a case, all you need to do is associate the new changeset with the review case, and then add it to the review.

There are two ways to associate a changeset with a case:

  1. If you haven’t already committed that changeset, simply add “Addresses review 1234” or “Bugzid:1234” to the commit message and then push it to the server. It will be automatically linked to Case 1234.
  2. If you have already made the changeset, then:
    1. Open it in Kiln
    2. Click “Add Case Link”
    3. Specify the case number for the review you wish to add, and click “Add”

Once you’ve associated the changeset with the review case, an “N more changeset(s) are linked to this review” message will appear at the top of the changes pane in the review UI.

  1. Click “Add to this review…”
  2. A changeset selection window will pop up. Make sure the changesets you want to add are selected, and click “Ok”

You’re done. Kiln will update the review case to indicate that a changeset was added. This automatically notifies the person the review is assigned to (assuming that’s not you, because why would we email you to tell you what you just did?).