All of Kiln’s data is stored between the Kiln and FogBugz databases and the repository storage (c:\KilnRepositories, by default). The only other Kiln setting is your connection string, if you’ve customized it. In that case, you’ll want to write that down or backup your Web.config.

If you are using a script to backup your repositories (vs a filesystem copy of KilnRepositories on the server), be aware that kbfiles and largefiles are not fetched by hg pull or hg clone. They are only fetched when you hg update to a revision. To make sure you get all of them, you will need to update to every revision they are changed in. You can use this (slow) command to do so:

hg log --template "{node}\n" | % { hg up $_ }

NOTE: If you are planning to or attempting to restore a Kiln server with this copy of your KilnRepositories folder, the folder must be from the same point in time as your Kiln database backup or later. If the KilnRepositories folder is from a point in time prior to your database backup (i.e. the database has newer information in it), then Kiln will throw errors when trying to load in your browser.