Included Extensions

To use Mercurial with Kiln On Demand, we recommend that you install the following Mercurial extensions:

  1. The Kiln extension provides path guessing when acting on related Kiln repositories and quick access to the Kiln website.
  2. KilnAuth uses cookies to store your Kiln identity on your local computer so you only have to type in your Kiln username and password once.
  3. BigPush automatically pushes large repositories in small pieces, for greater reliability. Read more on here.

Install the Extensions

Install the extensions with these quick steps:

  1. Grab the extensions themselves by logging in to Kiln
  2. Click on your avatar at the top right, click  Kiln Client and Tools
  3. Download the extensions zip bundle and extract it to your favorite location
  4. Open the file .hgrc in your home directory, or %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial-Kiln.ini on Windows. If it doesn’t exist, create it.
  5. In that file, add a section called [extensions] if one does not already exist
  6. Add one line for each extension you wish to include that names the extension and points to where on disk you’ve stored it

For example, to use all 3 extensions, and save them to default unzipped folder/directory name ~/kiln_extensions, then your .hgrc (or %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial-Kiln.ini on Windows) might look like this:

username=Your Loginname <>
kiln.username=Your Loginname

If everything worked correctly, you should be able to pull up the help documentation by typing hg help extensionname For example:

gozer:~ benjamin$ hg help kilnauth
kilnauth extension - stores authentication cookies for HTTP repositories
This extension knows how to capture Kiln authentication tokens when pushing
over HTTP. This means you only need to enter your login and password once;
after that, the FogBugz token will be stored in your home directory, allowing
pushing without a password.
If you ever need to logout of Kiln, simply run "hg logout''
list of commands:
logout log out of http repositories
use "hg -v help kilnauth" to show aliases and global options
gozer:~ benjamin$

That’s it.

Older Deprecated Extensions

If you are using Kiln For Your Server, or if you have been using Kiln On Demand for a few years now, you may have a few older deprecated plugins. If you do, you can remove them from your [extensions] list.

  • kilnpath: we no longer distribute this as of Kiln On Demand 3.0 or later.
  • kbfiles: extension has been deprecated and has been replaced by the native Mercurial largefiles extension. See ‘How Do I Perform the conversion from KBFiles to LargeFiles‘ for more information.
  • Gestalt: provided several commands that help new Mercurial users learn how Mercurial works. The primary command provided is “hg next”, which shows an overview of your local repository, its relationship and status to its parent, and what actions you may consider performing next.
  • CaseGuard reported case-folding collisions when trying to add files that differ only by case.

Enable other Mercurial Extensions

To enable largefiles, add the line hgext.largefiles = to your [extensions] section in your mercurial configuration file.

Of course, there are a plethora of other extensions for Mercurial, both built-in and third-party. You might have others under the [extensions] section.