Using FogBugz On Demand? We've recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. Please see this article for details on what's new, what's changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

Note:We’ve got a new Kanban board for FogBugz Ocelot! View our new documentation here.

The Kanban board in FogBugz is useful for visualizing what cases are being worked on and where they are in your development process.

The Kanban board allows you to put cases in columns and assign them colors. This can be done by editing a case or via the Kanban board page. While in the Kanban editor, cases can be dragged to change the order within a column or between columns. The editor’s context menu allows easy adding or removing of cases and easy color changes. When you are done making changes, click the Save button to commit them to the database.

In your FogBugz On Demand  account, site administrators can enable Kanban under -> Extra Features. If you have FogBugz Ocelot disabled, navigate to  -> Plugins instead. Access the board using the link next to the Working On menu on any page in FogBugz.


The cards visible on the Kanban Board can be filtered using the Search Axes. In particular, cards can be filtered on Kanban fields using the following axes:

  • Kanban: Searches on a column name. For example:
  • KanbanColor: Search for cases with a specific Kanban color. For example:

If you are running FogBugz on your own server, this feature is provided by the the Kanban plugin which you can install via Admin -> Plugins in FogBugz.