Using FogBugz On Demand? We've recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. Please see this article for details on what's new, what's changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

FogBugz On Demand and FogBugz Ocelot

FogBugz allows you to send broadcast emails to either all of your users or all of your administrators. Go to Gear -> Email All Users from the header bar.


Here, you’ll have the option to either send an email to all users or to send it to only your account administrators.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.01.35 PM

FogBugz For Your Server

The process is nearly the same in FogBugz For Your Server, though you’ll have to install the Email Users plug-in from the FogBugz Plug-in Gallery first. This will allow you to send out broadcast emails.

Once you install the plugin, you should see an “Email All Users” link in the Admin dropdown.

Initial view

Clicking it will bring you to an email form, where you can specify whether you’d like to email all users or only administrators, add a subject, and write your message.

Initial view

Users will then receive your message at the email addresses linked to their respective FogBugz accounts.