Using FogBugz On Demand? We've recently rolled out a new sidebar as part of taking FogBugz forward. Please see this article for details on what's new, what's changed, and where you can find all your favorite things.

The “subscribe” feature in FogBugz allows you to receive notifications for any changes to cases and wiki articles that you choose. You can configure automatic subscriptions to all cases in a project/area and all articles in a wiki. Site administrators can also enable an option to show which users are subscribed to a given case when you view it.


Auto-Subscriptions automatically subscribe you to newly created cases, wikis, and discussion groups based on some simple rules. For example, you can keep up to date on cases you open by subscribing to “ANY ITEM I CREATE”. To add and manage subscriptions, navigate to the Avatar Menu > Subscribe.

Please note that if you are still running FogBugz For Your Server, this functionality is provided by installing the AutoSubscribe Plugin, and is managed under My Settings > Subscribe.

Initial view

Click “Add New Subscription,” and you’ll see a few broad auto-subscription options at the top of the list, allowing you to subscribe to any item you create, any item you edit, and all projects. Below, you can choose more specific subscriptions, like individual projects, areas, wikis, and even discussion groups.

Initial view

Unsubscribing from a case

Once you are automatically subscribed to a case, you can always unsubscribe by clicking “Unsubscribe” in the left sidebar of the case view.

Initial view

Manually subscribe to individual cases or wikis

To manually subscribe to a case or wiki, click the Subscribe link on the case page or wiki article.

  1. Subscribe to a case
  2. Subscribe to a wiki articlesubscribewiki

Subscribe to several cases at once

Use Bulk Edit to edit several cases and click the Subscribe link as if subscribing to only one case.

Seeing who is subscribed to a case

When viewing a case, the list of subscribers is shown on the left side if a site administrator has enabled it.


This is enabled by default for new On Demand accounts as of version 8.11.170. Enable or disable it via the Advanced tab of Site Configuration under the Gear menu:

This feature requires FogBugz Ocelot. You can show subscribers in cases on your local For Your Server installation of FogBugz using the Add Subscribers plugin.

Adding Subscribers to a case

The Add Subscribers functionality allows you to subscribe other FogBugz users to cases. This is available for all users, and shows up as a drop-down menu on the left side of a case view or edit window. Choosing a user from this drop-down will add them to the subscription list of a case. Additionally, notifications for that case will begin to show in the Notification Center, as well as via email if that is configured for the user.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.51.13 AM

Don’t see it? A FogBugz Admin may want to check that the “Show Subscribers” and “Add Subscribers” boxes are checked under the Gear menu > Site Configuration > Advanced (see screenshot above). This is checked by default for most customers, and Show Subscribers must be enabled to use Add Subscribers.