Integrations allow other sites and applications to interact with Manuscript in various ways, including viewing case details and pushing content to Manuscript via the Manuscript API. They can be enabled, disabled, and managed by Manuscript administrator users.

Built-in Integrations

Manuscript comes with a selection of built-in integrations that you can start using today. You can find them under the Avatar Icon -> Integrations.

You can enable any integration by clicking on the Gear Icon for that integration and filling out the necessary fields. To disable an integration that is currently enabled, click on the Gear Icon and then click the Disable button.

Custom Integrations

Manuscript also supports custom integrations created by third parties. You can even make one yourself if you’re so inclined. To add a custom integration, click on the Custom Integration card on the page accessed via the Avatar Menu -> Integrations.

Bot users

Bot users are automatically created when you enable an integration in Manuscript. Each integration you enable has its own bot user, which is represented by a token that is provided to the integration. They’re mostly invisible to you unless you’re making your own integrations.

Bot users don’t cost anything, and won’t be displayed on your Users page in Manuscript. To delete a bot user, simply disable the associated integration on your site. If you later re-enable that integration, a new bot user will be created.

Creating your own integrations and bot users

As a starting point and reference, we recommend checking out this starter project on Glitch. If you’d like to quickly start making your own integration, feel free to remix that project — Glitch handles the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on your code.

When a Manuscript site enables your integration, it will post to your integration’s specified endpoint with data that includes a token for the new bot user. You can then use that token with the Manuscript API to utilize the following API commands:

You can also check out our gallery of Manuscript integrations on Glitch for inspiration and to remix.