Here are a few examples of searches you can use when looking for cases for multiple users, or assigned to’s, or projects, etc.

Search for multiple assigned to’s

Click “Refine Further”, expand “Search for”, and enter multiple ‘assignedto’ axes. For example, let’s say we want a list of all active cases assigned to Bob, Jamie, and The Kiwi in the project “Manuscript”:

project:manuscript (assignedto:bob OR assignedto:jamie OR assignedto:"the kiwi") status:active

Notice the assignedto axis is in parentheses with the ‘OR’ operator and that the full name “The Kiwi” is in quotes.

Search for multiple projects

Similarly, we can search for all active cases in multiple projects like so:

status:active (project:Manuscript OR project:Glitch)

Search for all open cases except assigned to one user

Similarly, we can use the exclude ‘-‘ operator to exclude specific results from the search. For example:

status:open -assignedto:"backlog"

In this example, the user ‘backlog’ is a virtual user that behaves as a bucket for potential future work.

Search for all cases without due dates, or estimates, etc.

Similarly, we can use the ‘*’ operator on any search axis to find any case with any information in that field. Or rather, with information NOT in that field if we include the exclusion operation ‘-‘. For example, let’s find all cases without a due date:

status:open -duedate:"*"

And for example, let’s find all cases with a due date:

status:open duedate:"*"

And, again for cases with estimates:

status:open estimateoriginal:"*"

Or, without estimates:

status:open -estimateoriginal:"*:

What else can I do?

See our in-depth article on Searching in Manuscript: Syntax and the Search Axis.