Usually, when you send an email to a customer from Manuscript, you’re going to want to Send & Close. This sends the email and closes the case. This behavior says that you consider your work complete until the customer emails you back. Presumably, if the customer doesn’t respond, the issue should be considered resolved.

If you use Send & Close for customer support, you’re going to want to change the workflow. The default workflow will assign reactivated and reopened cases to the Primary Contact, but you most likely will want the case to be assigned to whoever last emailed the customer.

Change the workflow as follows:

  1. Go to the Avatar Menu > Workflow
  2. Create a new Workflow and call it Inbox
  3. Edit the workflow and go to the Inquiry category.
  4. Change Reactivating a Resolved Case to — Case Resolver —
  5. Change Reopening a Closed Case to — Case Closer —