Setting up Working Schedules

Manuscript allows you to specify a site-wide working schedule, along with individual team members’ working schedules when they differ.

Any administrator can set a site-wide working schedule. Go to Time Tracking > Site Working Schedule. The site-wide working schedule is used:

  • To convert between hours and days in the user interface (for example, when you enter “1 day”)
  • To set due dates automatically on incoming mail

Each user can also set their own personal working schedule by going to Time Tracking > My Working Schedule. The personal working schedule is used:

  • In Evidence-Based Scheduling, to convert from adjusted estimates (in hours) to calendar dates
  • To start and stop time tracking automatically, so you don’t have to tell Manuscript when you go home or come in every day

Wondering when that Support Engineer will be in next? By clicking any linked name you will arrive at their Activity Feed. From here, click the Working Schedule link to view their working schedule.

% Time Spent per Project

Manuscript assumes that you spend 100% of your work time on tasks that could be tracked in Manuscript. If you work on a few projects at once, you can break this down into a set of percentages per project. This allows Manuscript’s Evidence-Based Scheduling algorithm to predict more accurate completion dates for project milestones.

Working Days

Determines which days of the week normally worked.

The value entered here on the site working schedule only determines the default for new Manuscript users. It does not affect existing users.

Daily Schedule

Determines the hours that you normally work, and if and when you have a lunch break.

On the site working schedule, this section determines the default daily schedule for new users. However, changing these values will not affect existing users.

The site daily schedule is also used to convert between hours and days when typing estimates, so, for example, if you work 8 hours a day, entering estimates of “8h” or “1d” are the same.

Holidays and Vacations

On the site working schedule, allows you to enter and edit holidays when nobody will be working. For accurate schedules, enter all the planned holidays for the next couple of years, and keep this up to date.

Holiday and vacation days are scheduled inclusively. If you want to schedule a vacation for Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th, set your start date on the 26th and your end date on the 27th. Single-day holidays and vacations have the same start and end date. Also, consider taking another day off. You deserve it!

Manuscript does not allow you to enter recurring holidays, because the rules for calculating them are too complicated and vary widely.

For individual users, this section shows both site holidays and personal vacations. Users can enter and edit their upcoming planned vacations. Site holidays are read-only.