When you have configured a mailbox, you can optionally configure automatic replies to new incoming email. To enable automatic replies for a mailbox, navigate to the Avatar menu > Mailboxes > editReply Automatically

The AutoReply Template

Automatic replies are plain-text and you can include the following variables in the message or subject line. The placeholder will be substituted with the appropriate value when the message is sent:

{case}      the case ID number
{sender}    the sender's email address
{subject}   the subject of the incoming message
{ticket}    the external customer reference number to this case; includes a random password for security
{url}       the URL of the Manuscript install
{ticketurl} a link the customer can use to check the status of their case
{fullname}  the full name associated with this mailbox
{email}     the email address associated with this mailbox

No matter what you do, the outgoing subject must include (Case {case}), to ensure that if the customer replies to the automatic reply, their email will be appended to the same case instead of opening a new one. Manuscript will not automatically reply to subsequent emails on a case, as the correspondent has already received confirmation of this particular case reaching the system.

Rules of AutoReply

As mentioned above, Manuscript will not send automatic responses to followups on existing cases. There are a few other circumstances where automatic replies are not sent:

  • The incoming message was categorized as SPAM
  • The From or Reply-to field contains postmaster, daemon, owner-, bounced, no-reply, do-not-reply, noreply or donotreply
  • The Precedence field is junk or bulk
  • The From or Reply-to email address has already received three replies in the previous hour

Note: This is the only situation in which Manuscript can be configured to send an automatic message to an outside party (a user without a Manuscript account). Manuscript will not send automated emails when a case is resolved or closed. We believe it should be your choice as to how to communicate this status to your customers, and that communicating automatically might cause more harm than good. If you are looking for additional automated emails, the Manuscript API is the recommended integration path.