Manuscript has a ton of built-in categorization options, but if you need an ad hoc way to group cases and wiki articles together, use tags. Tags are lightweight in that you don’t need to pre-configure anything (e.g. set up a new custom field) but you can still search and set up filters based on tags.

Adding tags to cases and wiki articles

To add tags to cases, edit a case and add tags in the Tags field on the left side of the case. Existing tags will auto-complete as you type. To add tags to wiki articles use the Tags field above the article next to the Page Title, which will also auto-complete.

Viewing tagged cases

View tagged cases by creating a filter or view a search for tag:tag-name. Via the “Refiner Further” option in the filter menu you can select tags to include in your filter or search; as you type, existing tags will auto-complete for you. Alternatively you can type tag:tag-name in the search bar. Using “*” in either case will return all cases or wiki articles with tags. Prefacing the search axis with a hyphen (“-tag:tag-name“) will return all cases or articles without the specified tag.