Manuscript wikis are an easy way to collaboratively maintain documents within an organization or project team. You can also open them up to a wider audience and leverage the easy setup and use for non-Manuscript users. You can keep publicly-accessible end-user documentation in them or setup status pages and reports for your clients.


Wikis have separate permissions settings for internal Manuscript users, registered community users and anonymous (not logged-in) users. To set these up, click Wiki > Manage Wikis and then click the Configure icon next to the wiki.

You can set a wiki to be readable and writable by any logged-in Manuscript user. You can then choose whether community users who have confirmed their email addresses have read-only, write or no access. Lastly, you can set the permission level for anonymous users.

If you need finer control over which Manuscript and community users have access, just select a group from the drop-down menu. You can setup as many groups as you like. Each one sets read, write or no access for each Manuscript user. You can also add community users to a group, granting them read-only or read and write access. Because community users require email verification but don’t use up a license, they provide a good way to give individual clients access to project status pages without letting them see other projects or having to open your pages up for access by anyone.