Customizing your Manuscript account user settings

When you first start tracking bugs with Manuscript, you’ll be ready to start updating cases right away. However, you may want to take a few minutes to set your user options. You can access these by hovering your profile photo on the lower-left corner of the page, under the You section of Account & Settings.

Here are a few quick options that new users may wish to customize:

  1. Add a profile photo
  2. Set up your subscription preferences
  3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Switch the order of Case Events


1. Add a profile photo

While not required, your profile photo will help your teammates identify who is opening, editing, or closing bugs. As a new user, you’ll have a default image assigned. In Account & Settings > User Options, you can upload your favorite photo – or use your Gravatar. Making Manuscript a bit more personal takes just a minute!

When you update your photo, Manuscript will display it in the lower-left corner. You can always access your User Options by hovering on the image.

2. Set up your subscription preferences

Manuscript makes it easy to stay informed! If you’d like to automatically receive notifications about any case you create or edit, set your preferences by going to Account & Settings > Subscribe. You can even automatically subscribe to all cases within a specific project.

(If you’d still like to receive email notifications as well, you can choose between instant email notifications or periodic digest emails by changing your email notification settings.)

Next, create one or more auto-subscriptions by clicking on Add New Subscription. Auto-subscriptions will notify you about cases matching the criteria you specify. You can manually subscribe to cases individually, within the case page — but auto-subscriptions allow this to happen effortlessly.

3. Enable two-factor authentication

For added security, you may want to require both your password and a one-time code generated by an app on your phone.  Click the “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” button under Account & Settings > User Options to do so. For more details, you can see our article all about 2FA.

4. Switch the order of case events

You may prefer to read Manuscript case events (edits, updates, etc.) in chronological order, or you may wish to see the latest changes at the top of a case. Who are we to decide? Okay, we had to decide on a default, but we made sure this was configurable. To switch your case event order, go to Account & Settings > User Options and click on the Legacy Settings link, then update your Case Sort preference (“Show oldest edits first” or “Show newest edits first”).