Is Manuscript not as snappy as it normally is?  First off, you can check our status page to see if there are any widespread issues or ongoing maintenance.  If that isn’t the case, we’re happy to help you diagnose the issue!

Here are some debugging steps you can start with:

  1. If using a consumer-grade internet connection (cable, DSL, anything with a Linksys-tier router or modem), try rebooting your equipment. This applies even if it’s not happening with other websites.
  2. Visit and test against their NY location. Low speeds could indicate speed problems with your network or the path to NY.
  3. If possible, try the previous two tests from a separate network (another location, for example a coffee shop or at home) and a different PC.
  4. Disable any Manuscript customizations or browser extensions and test again. If there’s a difference, enable each customization or extension one-by-one and let us know which one triggers the slowness.
  5. Contact us by email with the following:
    • Your public IP (
    • The results of a traceroute (winmacunix) to
    • The results of the speed test in #2 above
    • A description of where you see the slowness, whether it’s intermittent, etc.
  6. If you’re feeling ambitious and are comfortable with deeper debugging, you can include a few (sanitized—be sure not to send tokens via email!) Firebug logs or ask us how to securely submit a HAR file. That might help us track down the problem.