Manuscript notifies you when:

  • a case is assigned to you
  • a case assigned to you is edited by someone else
  • a case is modified that you are subscribed to (and not assigned to)
  • someone else explicitly notifies you on a case using “Notify More Users” field

You will see a notification in Manuscript and via email. Your email notification preferences can be set by navigating to your user options – read more about configuring your email preferences.

Manuscript does not notify you on actions you perform. Note that this “no self-notification” also applies if you don’t directly edit the case in Manuscript, but instead send an email into Manuscript. If the From: address on an incoming email matches the user who has the case assigned to him/her, that user does not get notified.

To learn more about subscribing to cases, check out this article.

If you’re not receiving email notifications, you can find a troubleshooting guide here.