Release Date: 2017-03-28

  • Bug fixes for bulk case actions (visible to accounts with the upgraded bulk edit feature, which is still being rolled out gradually)
  • The “Notify more users” field on case edit is now limited to 20 users
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 8.17.130 where attachments would be hidden when forwarding an email from a case
  • When an account hits the limit for how fast Webhooks can fire (300 requests per 5 minute period), add a message to the site admin notifications
  • Accounts still using the old Kanban plugin: fixed a bug preventing setting the column and color fields when opening a new case
  • Fixed a bug in the GitHub integration which failed to associate all changesets with cases when a commit message mentioned the same case number more than once
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the default status from being set according to Workflow configuration
  • Removed the in-app link to our deprecated screenshot tool