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FogBugz cases have a small possibility of “going rogue”.  No, not quite like this, but it does mean that the cases will be unreachable in FogBugz. This usually happens if you delete data directly from your database or imported from another tool and didn’t fully fill out all the FogBugz database fields. FogBugz should still work fine, but this is something you’ll want to try and fix directly in the database. We recommend checking for the existence of (and fixing) rogue cases before upgrading or migrating your data to another server.

Checking for Rogue Cases

FogBugz version 8.8.55 and below have a built-in mechanism that checks for rogue cases. You can run the diagnostic check by navigating to this URL: YOUR_FOGBUGZ_URL/diagnostics.asp?sStep=testroguecases

The output will list any rogue cases found, as well as the problem with each case.

Fixing Rogue Cases

We have prepared a SQL script that resolves the most common issues with rogue cases. We first attempt to repair any inconsistent data using the case history and making reasonable guesses for easily-changeable fields like Project, Area, Status, etc. If we are unable to repair the rogue cases, we purge them from the database. Because rogue cases are unable to be viewed in FogBugz, and repair only fails if we can’t find any case event edits, deleting is a reasonable fallback.

To fix rogue cases, download the SQL script for your database provider below, take a full backup of your FogBugz database, run the script against your FogBugz database, and then re-run the rogue case check. If you have any questions, want to double-check with us before modifying your database, or find that you have rogue cases that are not subdued by this approach, contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Please, please, please make sure you have a full backup of your FogBugz database before making any changes. This script irreversibly modifies your FogBugz data, and the ability to restore to a known state will be invaluable should the need arise.

Download the Rogue Case script for SQL Server

Download the Rogue Cases script for MySQL