Release date: 2016-03-24

  • A new API endpoint has been added to FogBugz, complementing /api.asp. While api.asp continues to serve XML results (documentation here), the new /f/api/0/jsonapi URL works with JSON for both requests and responses. Read more about it in the help docs.
  • Formatted code blocks in cases now correctly side-scroll when the content is too wide to fit
  • Fixed the Iteration Planner so it now works in IE 10
  • Greatly improved the performance of expanding and collapsing groups of cases listed in outline view
  • Coming soon in the FogBugz power-up for Trello: When you paste a case link into a card, it will be formatted to show the title instead of just the number Note: FogBugz power-up for Trello requires a public Internet facing FogBugz On Site installation.
  • A new sorting option “importance” is available to order your cases by a combination of factors which we think make it more likely you are interested: due date, backlog order, priority, and recently edited (documentation)
  • The My Cases and Inbox filters are no longer built-in. They are saved filters like any other so you can now modify them and even rename or delete them
  • Fixed an issue where snippets which contained single and double-quote characters had them replaced with their html-encoded versions