Release date: 2016-08-15

  • The JSON API now includes the totalHits property. In both the JSON API and the XML API, count gives you the number of cases returned for your search or filter. totalHits tells you how many cases match the search or filter. This can be higher than count if you specified a max with your request
  • Over the next few weeks, we will be shifting the XML and JSON APIs over to use Ocelot’s (faster) search engine. When your account is migrated, the default behavior for the max parameter will change. Instead of defaulting to “all cases”, if you don’t set max in your request, you will get a maximum of 50,000 cases in the search or filter response. For performance reasons, requesting max=100000 or higher will result in an error
  • When a case event is very large (greater than 200,000 characters), FogBugz truncates it. There is now a link on the truncated event to fetch the whole thing.
    • If the event includes image data embedded in the body of a rich case event, that base64-encoded data is no longer shown in the truncated event
    • If the event is html/rich-formatted, the truncated version is now stripped down to plain text, instead of a mess of raw html
    • Events longer than 200,000 characters, are no longer truncated in the editor
  • Fixed the alignment of the BugzScout fields and legacy custom fields on the left side of the case view