Release date: 2016-04-06 (CANCELED)

Update: At 12:04pm EDT (UTC – 4) on 2016-04-06, a regression was found in this release, so it was canceled and rolled back to version 8.15.469. This version had only been deployed to 1% of accounts at that time.

  • Sped up loading the case list using the Cases header button for some situations
  • Disallowed free and disposable email provider domains for use in self-registration
  • Fixed various issues with the case lightbox including making its width match the non-lightboxed view, making sure it does not open with the page partly scrolled down, and drop-downs do not prevent scrolling of the case being viewed or edited
  • Fixed an issue where certain timezone settings caused the timesheet editor in the Working On menu to be blank
  • Fixed a bug which caused some cases with blank values for a custom drop-down field to be treated as set. This sorted them incorrectly and make searches for fieldname:”*” or -fieldname:”*” incorrect
  • Accounts not using FogBugz Ocelot:
    • The FB_ScratchOut plugin has been deprecated. If you used the plugin, you can achieve the same result (crossing out a case comment) using Case Event Edit