Release Date: 2015-11-04 (REVERTED)

Update 1: A problem with error reporting in 8.14.343 prompted us to revert to 8.14.278 at 3:26pm EST (UTC-5) on 11/4/2015 after 20% of accounts had been upgraded. We resumed the deploy with version 8.14.384. The problem was not user-facing and only affected our monitoring systems.

Update 2: After 50% of accounts had been upgraded to 8.14.384, we saw similar errors in our monitoring as we did with 8.14.343. We have reverted once again back to 8.14.278 at 5:29pm EST (UTC-5) on 11/4/2015.

  • This release makes FogBugz internal infrastructure changes only. There are no customer-impacting changes. It includes the changes in 8.14.335 and a fix to the issue which caused us to roll-back to 8.14.278