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Virtual Directory

A virtual directory is created in IIS which points to the FogBugz Website folder.

(By default this is C:\Program Files\FogBugz\website)

IIS Metabase

The following settings are made in the IIS metabase. All but the last one, UploadReadAheadSize, can be set using the IIS management console (Internet Information Services Manager).

  • An application is created for this directory. By default it is named FogBugz.
  • Access flags are set to read only/scripts only, Directory browsing is disabled.
    • IIS Properties dialogue > Virtual Directory tab (or Home Directory tab if using root folder):Read should be checked off. The following should not be checked off: Script source access, Write, Directory Browsing. Execute Permissions should be “Scripts only”.
  • The following are set to TRUE: AspAllowSessionState, AspBufferingOn, EnableParentPaths, AspSessionTimeout is set to 60 minutes.
    • Virtual Directory tab > click Configuration > App Options tab:These should all be checked: Enable session state (set to 60 minutes), Enable buffering, Enable parent paths.
  • The default document is set to default.asp.
    • Documents tab
  • Authorization is set to Anonymous account ONLY.
    • Directory Security tab > Edit… Anonymous Access:”Anonymous access” should be checked off, “Integrated Windows authentication” should not.
  •  The account for anonymous access user and password are set. By default this is the “FogBugz” user account.
    • Edit… Account used
  • AnonymousPasswordSync is set to FALSE.
    • “Allow IIS to control password” must be un-checked.
  • The 500;100 error handler (Windows XP and later) is set to internalError.asp.
    • Custom Errors tab
  • ASP Web Server Extensions are enabled. (How to do this.)

The following setting is changed, which cannot be accessed using the IIS console:

  • UploadReadAheadSize is set to 0x40000000

To modify this setting, which is required for file uploads to work correctly in FogBugz, you will need to modify the IIS MetaBase directly.  The IIS 6 metabase is a plain-text XML file.

Application Pools

A new application pool is created for FogBugz, and set to run under the FogBugz account. The application pool is started and the FogBugz virtual directory is set to run in that application pool.