Released: 2015-10-12

Updated 2015-10-08 2:40 pm EDT: the version of this release has changed from 8.14.147 to 8.14.152.

  • Kiln-only users can now access the session management page
  • Fixed a bug where the session management link was missing from the gear menu on certain pages (e.g. wikis)
  • When viewing another user’s options page, don’t show the API creation button since it only creates tokens for the current user
  • Fixed a bug in the XML API which returned an error when a dtEnd was not supplied to the listIntervals command
  • Fixed a bug in Webhooks where a hook could fire repeatedly instead of failing with a log message
  • Fixed an issue with Kiln caching user authentication incorrectly. One effect of the fix is that the session management page now correctly removes Kiln access in addition to FogBugz for the tokens which are removed
  • Minor visual tweaks and bug fixes