Released: 2015-06-25

This version of FogBugz fixes the issue which caused us to revert 8.13.340 back to version 8.13.208. Apart from that fix, the code changes are identical to 8.13.340:

  • The FogBugz Performance Upgrade has been renamed “FogBugz Ocelot”
  • Iteration Planner:
    • Added progress bar to cards to show elapsed time
    • Added the ability to use story points instead of hours in the planner. Story points are visible and editable on the case page
    • Fixed a bug where dragging cards to change case status did not work correctly for some statuses
    • Usability and visual enhancements including automatically moving to the next card after setting the estimate on one, more room for case title on cards, fixed Add Case pop-up width
  • Bug Fixes:
    • URL Trigger:
      • Trigger edit dialog now correctly maintains the state of the POST checkbox when you edit a trigger
      • Fixed a longstanding bug where URL Trigger did not fire on time interval events if you were using FogBugz Ocelot (née the Performance Upgrade)
      • Fixed a bug where URL variables MilestoneID and MilestoneName were sent empty
    • The arrows indicating direction of sort on a column in the list view were accidentally reversed in a recent change. This has been fixed
    • Fixed an issue where promoting a user to site administrator didn’t raise their permission in Kiln