Released: 2015-05-21

This release replaces the canceled 8.13.86 to fix a new regression in that version. Other than that, it is identical:

  • Fixed two longstanding bugs in URL Trigger:
    • Parameters are now correctly sent in the request body when POST is selected as the HTTP verb
    • It is possible to change the verb between GET and POST without needing to make another change to a trigger to get FogBugz to pick it up
  • Fixed a bug which prevented viewing the account statement in FogBugz
  • Iteration Planner changes:
    • The selection of columns and groupings are now saved on the server for each project instead of in the browser. To share the same view with other users, you no longer need to send them a link with the view options in the URL
  • Added the ability for us to notify users (you!) of new features from within FogBugz itself