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Project Groups are a way to define groups of Projects, so that their cases can be searched and filtered more easily. The relationship is many-to-many: a Project can belong to multiple Project Groups and a Project Group can contain multiple Projects.  In FogBugz For Your Server, this functionality is provided by the Project Groups Plugin.

Creating Project Groups

Site Administrators can create Project Groups and modify their associations with projects in several ways:

On the Projects Page (Gear > Projects):

Project Groups Admin

When editing individual projects, or on the Admin Dashboard Page (Gear > Admin Dashboard):

Project Admin


Project Groups Dashboard


Searching with Project Groups

Project Groups are available as a search axis, so rather than search for:

project:"Dogebot" OR project:"Doge-o-matic" OR project:"Wow" OR project:"Very Project"

you can search for

ProjectGroup:"Web 2.0"

You can refine an existing case list by selecting a Project Group from the “Refine Further” menu or you can edit the current filter and select Project Group on the Filter page (Cases > Edit Current Filter…)