Released: 2015-04-06

This version of FogBugz fixes the memory issue which caused us to revert 8.12.553 back to the previous version. Apart from that fix, the code changes are identical to 8.12.553:

  • Non-ascii characters such as ‘ü’ in filenames no longer prevent attachment uploads on Macs
  • Improvement in response time when navigating between cases and case lists in an already-open FogBugz window

We are changing how we post release notes starting with this version. These versioned code deploys will continue to be documented here. Because we release new features via “switches” which we can enable at any time, they do not need to (and usually don’t) show up on customer accounts on the same day as a code deploy. Going forward, we will post separate, dated release notes (with no version number) here announcing new features. Look for the first of these soon, announcing the two features which were included in the 8.12.553 notes.